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PEP / Pre-Evaluation Profile
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    Purpose: To prepare supervisors for performance evaluations of employees without personality type bias

    This is one of the BEST Instruments which asks the taker to think of the behaviors of another person.  The taker must know the other person well enough to make valid observations.  In this instrument, however, one of the outcomes is that the taker (in this case the one who will evaluate a follower) is asked if he/she knows the employee well enough to evaluate his/her performance.  This is a good exercise in itself.  Formal and informal employee performance or evaluation reviews are part of a supervisor's role.  Employee reviews should help the employee focus on how to improve performance and give supervisors information about how to assist.  The major question is: What do I need to know about the employee and myself before I can fairly observe the employee's performance?  This can be done by giving you an opportunity to conduct a pre-evaluation analysis of the employee's personality type as well as your own.

    PEP / Pre-Evaluation Profile

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